4th Week of Pregnancy: Signs, Symptoms, Tests, Ultrasound, body changes and development

4th Week of Pregnancy

When a mother is 4 weeks pregnant this is the time that she may first suspect that she is pregnant. Her period has not arrived yet (although there are instances that women bleed during pregnancy and some may begin to experience symptoms of early pregnancy.

Signs and Symptoms 4th week of pregnancy

When a woman is 4 weeks pregnant, mother’s egg is laid inside the wall of the uterus. It sends tiny hair like tendrils that wrap around blood vessels in abundance in the small wall of the uterus and allow oxygen and nutrients to the baby growing.


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Baby Growth and Development in 4th Week of Pregnancy

Under normal circumstances, the blood of the mother and baby do not mix – they have a separate circulatory system. Exchange of oxygen, nutrients and waste products are made possible because of the degree of maternal blood vessels to blood vessels in the placenta.

Body Changes in Forth Week of Pregnancy

Being 4 weeks pregnant means the ball of cell is now called as an embryo which grows inside the uterus of a mother just like a size of an apple seed. It is divided into three layers, which will later form organs and tissues. Low on the sides of the head are two folds of tissue that becomes the ears.

The Development of Neural Tube during 4th week of pregnancy

Neural Tube through which the brain, spine, spinal cord and nerves will sprout and will develop in the upper layer. The heart and circulatory system begin to appear in the middle layer. The third layer starts to form- the lungs, intestines, and the beginning of the urinary tract. Meanwhile, the first version of the placenta, the chorionic villi, and the umbilical cord will later deliver nourishment and oxygen to the developing baby, are already working.

What to Eat During 4th Week Pregnancy

A mother to include in her diet the intake of Folic Acid which is found in most supplements and in a variety of dishes.

In addition, Folic acid is essential for growth and cell repair. Thus, Folic Acid is also a crucial element in DNA and RNA and essential for the formation and maturation of red blood cells. This is the reason why pregnant women with inadequate intake of Folic Acid are more likely to deliver prematurely or deliver their baby with low birth weight or with neural tube defects. Recent studies has shown that adequate amount of folic acid can prevent up to half or 70% birth defects if women start taking folic acid just before conception.

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Issues 4th Week Pregnant women may face

Implantation bleeding may occur in some women, causing some points out of 10 to 14 days after conception. Some women may think they are starting to have their period but implantation bleeding is very mild and only lasts a day or two and then proceed being 4 weeks pregnant.


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