Early Pregnancy Tests Kits: Home pregnancy test Instructions, result accuracy

Early pregnancy test kits are used to check if you are pregnant or not, these generally give result in positive or negative results, These kits are also known as “Home Pregnancy Test Kits” as you can use these kits easily at home.

Early Pregnancy Test, often every women who missed her periods want to confirm if pregnancy has occur, the first thing comes in mind to test the pregnancy positive or negative at home only. Most women do their early pregnancy test at home by using common HCG tests Kits available in market which are knowns as EPT Kits.

What is Early Pregnancy Test (EPT) Kit for?

EPT kit is known as Early Pregnancy Test Kit. It has this name EPT because it gives you most accurate result in the very early stage where you don’t even realize that you are pregnant. Early pregnancy kits are often used when you missed your menstrual cycle and want to confirm if the pregnancy test is positive or negative.

ept kitThese kits are available in different variations and brands, Some are available in the form of a small rectangular plate where as some have a stick, and few are providing digital results as well. EPT with the plate, with the stick or digitally all are equally effective in results.

How EPT Kits Works? Instructions to use EPT Kits and accuracy of home early pregnancy tests.

The urine test can be performed at home or at your doctor’s office. Many women prefer to do this one at home.

EPT Kits checks the hCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) level in blood and urine, these test should be perform after 4 – 5 days when you miss your menstrual cycle.

Instructions: It is strongly recommend that you should use EPT kit in early morning or test your pregnancy with first morning urine to get the best results, because at this moment FMU contains the highest amount of HCG. This means you receive most accurate result at this time!

Seeing Faint Line On Pregancy Test, So you are Pregnant or Not?

EPT Kits gives authentic results by reading the HCG count in urine. In some females HCG rise slowly in the blood and urine so they might see a very light line appear during test in kits which contains two line test or one line test, Even if the line (one or two) turned very light the pregnancy would be considered as positive.

pregancy test light line

Early pregnancy test kit’s accuracy

Though EPT kits gives you 99.9% correct result if used as per instructions but in some case early pregnancy test kits may give false results if you are on medication which contains HCG in your drug e.g Pregnyl, APL, Pergonal, Humegon, Profasi etc. The home pregnancy test results also get affected if you are suffering from ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cysts, and some rare medical conditions. Therefore it is always recommended to cross check with your doctor to confirm your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test Sensitivity

An average woman will produce about 25 mIU/ml of hCG at 10 days after ovulation. You can use the sensitivity numbers to know how sensitive your EPT kit is. Every EPT kit has the sensitivity numbers mentioned on it. The lower the sensitivity of kit is the better for use.

Here is a list of some of the most popular tests and their sensitivity to hCG.

Below are few famous Pregnancy Test brands available around the world and there sensitivity.

Pregnancy Test Brands Sensitivity The lower the number is good to have accurate results.
Answer Early Result
Pregnancy Test
25 mIU/hCG
Confirm 1-Step 25 mIU/hCG
Equate 25 mIU/hCG
First Response Early
Results Test
25 mIU/hCG
One Step Be Sure Pregnancy
25 mIU/hCG
Walgreen Digital 25 mIU/hCG
e.p.t. Home Pregnancy
40 mIU/hCG
e.p.t. Certainty Digital
40 mIU/hCG
Fact Plus Pregnancy
40 mIU/hCG
Clearblue Digital 50 mIU/hCG
Dollar Store Brand
Pregnancy Test
50 mIU/hCG
Target Brand 50 mIU/hCG
WalMart Brand 50 mIU/hCG
Walgreens 100 mIU/hCG


If you have been planning a baby either naturally or with any of the assisted reproductive techniques then it is important to check out that you are pregnant or not after 26th day of your periods. This will help you to know the results quite early. You should use a good EPT kit that contains low sensitivity and helps you to get the most accurate results.

Early pregnancy results will help you to understand various important things that you have to take care of your pregnancy from the very early stages itself. This will help you in dealing with various things that happen during early stage of pregnancy. If you come to know early then you can plan pregnancy and ask questions to doctor to avoid other risky things.

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Updated on 5th June 2016

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