Third Trimester of Pregnancy : Start, Signs, Symptoms, Issues, week by week

When is third trimester pregnancy?

The Third Trimester of Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

You may think that your belly will not get bigger anymore after your second trimester. However, you are absolutely wrong; your belly will actually keep getting bigger throughout the third trimester.

Read on to acquaint yourself with the complete information to know what happens in the third trimester of pregnancy, The signs and symptoms of the third trimester and your baby’s development during this period.

When Does Third Trimester Start and When Does it end?

The Third trimester starts in the 28th week and continues till you deliver your baby which might be around the 40th week of your pregnancy. You can expect the labor pain a few weeks beforehand or later on. Sometimes the labor pain is induced naturally, whereas in a few cases if you don’t feel the pain even in the 42nd week of your pregnancy, your doctor helps to induce labor if it is not starting naturally.

Third Trimester Your Baby’s Development

In the third trimester i.e. the last few weeks of your pregnancy, your baby is growing speedily so you can expect some serious pokes and kicks in your belly. Following are some important developments that happen in your baby’s body in the 3rd trimester:


Gorge on foods that abound with calcium, because this is the time when your baby changes from cartilage to bones. Thus, make sure to eat a calcium-rich diet so that you baby can get adequate calcium from you.

Digestive System

During the end of the 3rd trimester, the first poop of your baby which mainly comprises vernix, blood cells and lanugo begins to form inside his intestines.

Hair, Nails and Skin

By about 32th week of your pregnancy, your baby’s transparent skin turns out to be opaque. In the 36th week, fat goes on to gather as the baby chucks out his lanugo(hairy coat to keep the baby warm) and vernix(waxy matter which protects the baby’s skin from the amniotic fluid of mother)


In the 3rd trimester the brain of your baby develops faster. The major changes include- eye-blinking, dreaming and now the baby can also adjust the temperature of his own body.

Five Senses

The touch receptors of your baby get developed completely around the 29th or 30th week of your pregnancy. By about 31st week, all the 5 senses of your baby will activate. He will be able to taste your food, he will be able to feel the light as well as the darkness and lastly he will also be able to hear your voice.

By about the 34th week, your baby turns itself towards the south and settles down into head-down and bottom-up posture.

The Common Symptoms of the Third Trimester

The following are some of the most common symptoms of the 3rd trimester of your pregnancy:

Heartburn During Third Trimester

Heartburn will still continue even in the 3rd trimester. The reason is your uterus shoves your stomach and the food contents in the upward direction, which causes a constant heartburn.

Abdominal Pain During Third Trimester

Since your bump is growing, the ligaments that support the lower abdomen extend and it gives rise to a sharp pain alomg with this there are chances of stomach cramps.

Backache During Third Trimester

A sharp pain shoots from the back and goes down towards your legs. The reason is your large belly pulls the center of gravity in the forward direction and hence your back starts aching badly.

Weakness During Third Trimester

This is a very common symptom as in the 3rd trimester your body demands more and hence it makes you feel exhausted. Make sure to eat frequently, stay energetic and take plenty of rest whenever it is possible.

Stretch Marks During Third Trimester

Stretch marks will start appearing in your 3rd trimester. In order to fade them, apply a moisturizer regularly.

Leaky Breasts During Third Trimester

Your breast will start leaking as your body warms up to nourish your baby.

Inability to Control Bladder During Third Trimester

Due to the extra weight near your pelvis, it makes it difficult to control your bladder. As a result you will feel an urge to pee quite often. Sometimes you will pee even while sneezing.

The Warning Symptoms of the Third Trimester

You will start feeling the labor contractions, a pink colored stringy mucus is a sign that labor is on its way. In case of water breaking, call your doctor immediately because it’s high time to head off to the hospital.

Ultrasound Check-Ups & Screening during the Third Trimester

In the 7th and 8th month, your doctor will check your anemia, glucose levels and the group B step. In the 9th month of your pregnancy your doctor will carry out an internal test of cervix to check whether the dilation and effacement have started.

Things to do During Third Trimester

Keep a check on your weight, normally your weight will increase in the beginning of 3rd trimester and decrease as your due date approaches. Continue with your pregnancy-safe work outs until the due date. Take a tour of the hospital where you are planning to give birth to your baby. Select a good paediatrician for your baby. Start shopping for the necessary baby gear such as crib, car seat, stroller etc. In addition, also buy the essentials that you will require for your baby such as- wipes, bottles, diaper, baby clothes and pacifiers.

The third trimester is the time when you should get yourself acquainted with the complete knowledge about labor, childbirth and baby care.

Updated: 5.May.16

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