Second Trimester of Pregnancy: Start, Signs and Symptoms Week by Week

Second Trimester of Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Generally a majority of women want to know that “when am i in the second trimester” they wait for it because for whom the first trimester was probably felt unpleasant, could start feeling better in their second trimester. The early pregnancy signs and symptoms like morning sickness, mood swings etc. will mellow down. After a long time you may find the food to be good again in taste as well as smell. In the second trimester you will most likely to have higher energy levels.

Once you start feeling better again in your second trimester, this can be the best time for you to gear up for a lot of essential tasks before the arrival of your baby. During the 2 trimester you will gain weight very quickly, so you also need to splurge on some maternity outfits.

When Does Second Trimester Starts and When Does it end? 

When are you in the second trimester? The 2nd trimester of pregnancy usually starts in the 14th week and continues till the end of 27th week of your pregnancy.

Second Trimester Month of Pregnancy Second Trimester Week by Week
Fourth month 14, 15, 16, 17
Fifth month 18, 19, 20, 21
Sixth month 22, 23, 24, 25, 26


What happen in second trimester

Second Trimester Your Baby’s Development

In the second trimester your baby becomes very busy. Moreover, by the end of the 18th week, your baby weighs equal to chicken breast; the baby can hiccup, yawn and also gets fingerprints on his tiny fingers. By about 21st week you will be able to feel the cute kicks and punches of his tiny legs and arms. By the 23rd week, the baby starts to increase his weight. By about the end of second trimester, your baby will turn into a human-being of two pound. The following are some other important things related to your baby that you must know during the 2nd trimester:

Digestive System  

By the closing stages of 1st trimester your baby had a developed digestive system. Thus, now your baby will start swallowing and sucking the food that you eat through the amniotic fluid. Thus, make sure you eat a lot of veggies and fresh fruits during this period.


After 17 weeks your baby will have regulated heart beats, moreover by the 20th week you will be able to listen to his heart beats with the help of a stethoscope. In the 25th week, his capillaries will start to build up in order to carry the blood (mixed with oxygen) all through his body.

Hair, Nails and Skin

The first tiny tresses of your baby starts to shoot by about the 15th week and by the 22nd week he will get his eyebrows and eyelashes as well. His nails and skin also begin to develop during this period.


In the 2nd trimester your baby starts moving his eyes and ears into their accurate positions. By about the 22nd week you baby will start to see, smell and hear and those tiny eyes will also start to open.


By the 24th week your baby’s brain will start developing and it will help those tiny eyelids to blink.

The Common Symptoms During Second Trimester

While most of the symptoms of your first trimester may subside during your 2nd trimester, some new symptoms may crop up due to your growing belly and increase in your pregnancy hormones. Following are some of the common symptoms of the 2nd trimester:

Swelling in Feet and Ankles During Second Trimester

This is a very common symptom during the second trimester because the blood circulation slows down. Keep your feet up when you are not moving and avoid sitting or standing for longer time periods to avoid swelling.

Leg Cramps During Second Trimester

You can experience leg cramps especially while sleeping. The reason might be because of your increased weight and hormones. Another reason of leg cramps could be a deficiency of magnesium or calcium. Thus, make sure to take a well-balanced diet and sleep on your side to avoid the annoying leg cramps.

Loose Teeth During Second Trimester

You may lose your teeth during the second trimester because the pregnancy hormones may also affect the bones and ligaments inside your mouth. These symptoms usually subside after pregnancy. However, if you have swelling or bleeding gums, make sure to get in touch with a good dentist. A bleeding gum may be a symptom of gingivitis which can turn into a serious problem if not treated properly.

Dizziness During Second Trimester

Dizziness is a common symptom that is experienced by most women in their 2nd trimester. It is due to the reduced blood pressure in your body. Eating plenty of fluids and small meals throughout the day can help you alleviate the dizziness.

Abdominal Pains During Second Trimester

As your baby grows bigger, the ligaments and muscles that support your uterus extends and as a result you may experience pain in your lower abdomen.

Heartburn During Second Trimester

In your second trimester the burning sensation in your esophagus (i.e. the tube which connects your mouth and stomach) may worsen. Since your uterus gets bigger during this time, it puts pressure on your abdomen and forces the food as well as the acid upward into the esophagus which can cause heartburn.

The Warning Symptoms of the Second Trimester

In case of severe pain in abdomen, intense vaginal bleeding and high fever above 101.5 F you must contact your doctor without delay.

Second Trimester Care, Ultrasound, Check-Up and Screening

You doctor will check your uterus’s size, your weight, the height of fundal and the heartbeat of your baby to make sure that everything is moving in a normal way. This is the period when you must get the glucose screening done. By around your 24th week to the 25th week, you must get the glucose screening to check whether or not you have gestational diabetes. If your result comes positive then your doctor will refer a good nutritionist who will help you in creating a diet plan. In addition, you will also have to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels daily. There would be ultrasound checkup in this week as well.

Things to do during second trimester

Keep doing the prenatal exercises such as prenatal yoga, kegels, walking which will help you to feel energetic. Keep track of your weight gain each week; you must be gaining weight gradually during your second trimester. Avoid any rigorous exercises and keep yourself hydrated all through your workout session.

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