What Happen Week By Week During Pregnancy

Getting into pregnancy is definitely a form of happiness for all the women in this world. A baby is a blessing; therefore it’s worth a closer look on each development it takes on pregnancy timeline. Here we’re going to take a look at what’s going on inside the womb in every week during pregnancy.

The First Trimester

Week 1 – 4: After fertilization takes place, results in a ball that rapidly multiplies and subsequently latches onto the inside of uterus. Uterus thickens to accommodate this.

Week 5: That ball would have transformed itself into embryo.

Week 6: The fetus forms. The spine and system of nervous have started to form. Blood system grows in the place that will soon turn into umbilical cord. Buds show up indicating limbs in the making.

Week 7: Fetus develops its heart. Several side effects of pregnancy begin to show up.

Week 8: The fetus’ head starts to get bigger. The origin of eyes would have been seen and limbs begin to show more likeness to arms and legs. The forming of complex internal organs takes place.

Week 9: If both parents is under suspicion of being carriers of diseases like thalassaemia or sickle cells, this time is perfect for tests required to know if the diseases have been transferred to the fetus.

Week 10: Tests are done to determine date of pregnancy.

Week 11: Umbilical cord perfectly forms. It supplies the fetus with foods and acts as a vessel to carry ot the wastes. Fetus itself looks more of human.

Week 12: Fetus is about 8 centimeter in length and 60 grams in weight. Placenta can be seen to has been formed though hasn’t really do much of its task.

Week 13 – 14: Uterus gets bigger.

The Second Trimester

Week 15: Tracking of Down syndrome begins.

Week 16: The fetus grows nails n its finger and toe, eyebrows as well as eyelashes.

Week 17: Uterus rises and the fetus can start hearing sounds.

Week 18: The fetus starts being able to move around. The movement can be felt by the mother.

Week 19: It is now 20 centimeter and 300 grams. Milk teeth show up.

Week 20: Waxy coating develops surrounding the baby.

Week 21: The mother starts feeling shortness of breath due to the uterus being pushed against the diaphragm.

Week 22: Parts of the fetus’ senses develop

Week 23: Skull starts to harden a bit.

Week 24: Scanning done to check the fetus position.

Week 25: Organ has now completed and been in position. Preeclampsia is a risk to pay attention to.

Week 26: The color of fetus’ skin becomes more opaque.

Week 27: It is now 34 cm and 800 grams.

Week 28: Routine checkup for preeclampsia and antibodies.

The Third Trimester

Week 29: Restless leg syndrome develops on the mother.

Week 30: Irregular contraction occurs.

Week 31: The fetus has its sight sense. Colostrum starts being produced in the mother’s br3ast.

Week 32: It is now 42 cm and 2.2 kg.

Week 33: Baby’s position should have been downwards.

Week 34: Uterus expands even more.

Week 35: Preparations for c-section, if urgently required, start now.

Week 36: Baby’s head may stick in the pelvis.

Week 37: Lungs are strong enough.

Week 38: The baby can be born at this time.

Week 39: The mother should have reached to her maximum weight.

Week 40: The baby should have been born around this time, normally.

Week 41: A week late is considerable in pregnancy timeline. If the pregnancy takes longer, induced childbirth takes place.

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