13th Week of Pregnancy : Symptoms, Tests, Ultrasound, Body Changes and Baby Development

13th Week Of Pregnancy

Baby development: How is your baby growing when you are in 13 Week Pregnant?

Your baby is now recognizably a baby, rather than a tadpole. She’s straightening out, her eyes are moving closer together from their original wide-set position and her intestines, which were originally formed outside her body, are now inside her abdomen. And although you won’t feel her movements for a few weeks, she can feel you. If you rub your bump she’ll sense and respond to your touch with a jerky, reflexive movement. She’s covered in fine, downy hair, and even has fingerprints.

Your baby is already getting ready for life in the big wide world, practicing swallowing and sucking, the skills she’ll need to feed. Her vocal cords are developing and she’s busy gaining weight. She’s now five times heavier than she was at 10 weeks.

13 week Pregnant belly size

At 13 weeks pregnant belly will start growing a little. The baby in your belly measures approximately 7-8 cms long and weighs about 23 grams. The baby is about the size of a peach.

Wow! Did you know…

Your baby can hiccup already. Sometimes, you can even see those baby burps on an ultrasound.

Keep in mind that everyone’s pregnancy is different and this is just a guide to what you can expect. If you have any worries, pain or discomfort, talk to your doctor.

Body changes and symptoms during 13th week of pregnancy

The second trimester is when many women start that famous pregnant glow. The placenta is now fully formed and has taken over the job of nourishing your baby. This in turn means your hormone levels have stabilized, so you’re likely to feel less sick and tired. Your uterus is the size of a small melon and your bump may be just beginning to sprout, announcing your big news to the world.

Now that your placenta is in charge, you’re likely to feel better emotionally, as well as physically. But it’s a pregnant woman’s prerogative to have the occasional (or not so occasional) hormonal outburst. Partners be warned!

Signs and Symptoms of 13th week pregnancy

Back pain is caused by expanding womb and raised levels of progesterone, which softens supporting ligaments. Avoid putting pressure on your spine by sitting and moving correctly, with your back straight and shoulders back. Do gentle exercise, but avoid heavy lifting. But if the backache worsens to become a pain, it may be caused by a bladder or kidney infection or even kidney stones, so see your doctor to rule out any urinary tract infection.

Your to-do list and care during 13th Week of pregnancy:

Find out about mom-to-be groups near you. They offer great support, while being able to chat with other parents-to-be. Ask your doctor or midwife.

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