12th Week of Pregnancy : Symptoms, Tests, Ultrasound, Body Changes and Baby Development

12th Week Of Pregnancy

Baby development: How is your baby growing in 12th Week Of pregnancy?

Your baby is essentially fully formed now. Everything has appeared, right down to the tiny vocal cords! All that remains to be done now is to grow and develop.
Your baby’s face is changing, as facial features shift closer to their correct position. The placenta, your child’s life-support system, is fully functional. It provides nutrients and removes waste.

Wow! Did you know…Your baby has nails on its fingers and toes…

Body changes and symptoms during 12th week of pregnancy

Many ailments of the first trimester, such as tiredness and sickness, disappear as hormone levels in your body change. Your body stops making so many of them, and the recently matured placenta takes over. This hormone change can trigger headaches, though. Your baby is growing at a tremendous rate and you may start to show now as your womb becomes too large to fit within your pelvic cavity. As your tummy expands you may start to feel some twinges as ligaments and muscles stretch.

Signs and Symptoms of 12th week pregnancy

Back pain is caused by expanding womb and raised levels of progesterone, which softens supporting ligaments. Avoid putting pressure on your spine by sitting and moving correctly, with your back straight and shoulders back. Do gentle exercise, but avoid heavy lifting. But if the backache worsens to become a pain, it may be caused by a bladder or kidney infection or even kidney stones, so see your doctor to rule out any urinary tract infection.

Your to-do list and care during 12th Week of pregnancy:

Find out about mom-to-be groups near you. They offer great support, while being able to chat with other parents-to-be. Ask your doctor or midwife.

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