Type of Blood Tests During Early Pregnancy

After going through the stages of a pregnancy test and tested positive for pregnancy, pregnant women require a blood test in the first trimester of pregnancy. The goal is to monitor the health conditions of pregnant women and the fetus so that the process can run smoothly pregnancy.

Pregnant woman and her partner certainly hope the pregnancy goes well, the health condition of pregnant women and their babies monitored well and in good shape anyway. The hope mother and baby can pass through birth to a healthy condition. To ensure this, pregnant women need to pass some blood tests in early pregnancy.

A blood test is done to ensure that pregnant women and the fetus were in good shape, do not have the health problems, and will not experience any significant disruption during the pregnancy progresses. Often, cases of infant and maternal mortality during childbirth or maternal health problems and babies appear as conditions or problems are not observed early on. So, it’s good, when you enter the early stages of pregnancy you do blood checks.

Types of Blood Tests During Pregnancy

Blood Group type  – There are some people who do not know what blood type. It is very important for pregnant women when suddenly need a blood transfusion.

See Rhesus. The test is to ascertain whether the different maternal rhesus baby rhesus, if different, of course will be conducted special handling due to differences in the condition of the pregnant mother’s antibodies will attack the fetal blood cells.

Know hemoglobin levels. Verify whether the pregnant women suffer from a lack of red blood (anemia) or not. If indeed suffer from anemia, you should certainly consult with a gynecologist to find solutions and avoid foods that can hold the absorption of iron in the body.

Detection of rubella virus – Rubella virus is one of the common virus attacking pregnant women and can cause fatal health problems for the fetus ranging from liver damage, heart disease, cataracts, deafness and cause miscarriage. Therefore it is strongly recommended at the beginning of your pregnancy check-up to ascertain whether you are infected or not.

Detection of Diabetes (diabetes) – If you have a history of diabetes, blood sugar testing should be for the detection of diabetes is done. This is to determine a healthy diet for pregnant women during pregnancy so that the condition of the fetus was not disturbed.

Detection of Toxoplasma – For pregnant women who have an animal pet lover animals such as dogs or cats are strongly advised to perform this test Toxoplasma detection. Toxoplasma virus can cause health problems in the baby’s eyes and nerves.

Blood pressure tests. In early pregnancy, maternal blood pressure tended to be higher than usual. Cause, in the mother’s body occurred refinement and blood vessels in the placenta resulting in fetal maternal blood pressure to rise. Limit the rise in blood pressure should not exceed 120/80mmHg. Moreover, high blood pressure, which could endanger the health of pregnant women and fetuses. Therefore pregnant women should check their blood pressure on a regular basis so that it can be controlled.


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