Making Homemade Pregnancy Test is Fun and Experimental

Pregnancy is a mystery all the women love to take a guess on. What’s the baby will be: a girl or a boy? Is it healthy? Is it well developed? But probably, the most intriguing and haunting question for every woman who has a big hope for a baby would be: Am I pregnant? The bigger the expectation, the more things she would do to check out for the possibility of her conceiving a baby. From modern pregnancy test kits found in pharmacies up to a visit to a doctor, woman is determined if it comes to knowing about this one possibility as she kind of prepares herself only for the happy outcomes. As the results, many women often try to find or make homemade pregnancy test on their own. This method is never conclusive. At least, it is not as conclusive as what the doctor can tell you.

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What to Prepare in doing the Test at home?

Medically, a pregnancy is a fixed result when HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is present in the blood. The hormone is produced right in 24 hours after the fertilization and can be detected circulating over a woman’s body since and its trace can be found in urine sample. Some say that the hormone can only be detected after 8 days of pregnancy. So if you are that determined to check for pregnancy by yourself, you should do that around a week to ensure yourself about the possibility.

You must prepare your urine samples as they are considered most common medium to know whether or not you are pregnant. You may then prepare one of these: dandelion leaves, pine sol, and bleach solution. Or you can instead prepare all three of them to triple the checking method that will possibly give you more believable results.

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How to Use Homemade Pregnancy Test?

Take some dandelion leaves, you put them onto a plastic sheet and place it on the floor. Urinate on them afterwards. They need to be completely submerged in the urine and you can check for any change of colors every ten minute. If the leaves turn reddish, there is a chance of you being pregnant.

Pine sol is an agent of cleaning as well as lubricating. Put your urine sample on a cup, add some pine sol and mix them together. If the mixture shows any kind of color changes, it is possible that you are pregnant.

The method is similar to pine sol. Put some of your urine samples in a cup and mix it with bleach solution. If there is a sort of foam show up in the mixture, then it could be a sign of pregnancy.

Bear in mind that none of these methods is as accurate as the one you are going to get with the help of a doctor. They are even possibly less accurate than over the counter pregnancy test as there are a lot of things that can affect the results being shown.

Those who have money as their primary concerns can take another service at clinic that offers customer-friendly price. Or, if you are that playful, you can use these methods of homemade pregnancy test as some sorts of playthings you can do by yourself.

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