Vision Changes During Pregnancy – Is It Normal?

When you are pregnant, there will be so many changes occur to your body. The changes will affect your life and normal condition. One of the most bothering changes occur in pregnant women is vision changes. This is actually a normal symptom of pregnancy. But, vision changes during pregnancy are really bothering mostly for the pregnant women with normal vision. Some pregnant women are even get anxiety because the blurred vision during their pregnancy and even take some steps by visiting their doctor for consulting the condition of their eyes. But, actually, those steps are not really needed because the pregnant women can do some simple steps in order to make their vision normal without taking pills or any other therapy.

Can Pregnancy Affect My Vision?

Some women are questioning the question. This is one of the most anxieties occur to pregnant women. Since pregnancy gives them so many changes in their body, they will guess whether the pregnancy will affect their vision, too. For that question, the answer is: YES. Pregnancy can affect pregnant women’s vision. This is occurred because the existence of excess liquid tissue inside your body, which is also affecting your swollen hand and feet. The excess fluid behind your eyes will force the eyes and make the eye muscles get stiffed. These stiffed muscles are the reasons why you have vision changes, which will make your vision during pregnancy blurred.

Blurred Vision during Pregnancy

The visions changes occur during pregnancy are occurred due to the force from fluid behind the eyes which makes the eye muscles stiffed. In this case, the symptom of vision change which is usually occurred is blurred vision. Blurred vision, in other side, can also be caused from painful headache which is usually also occur when a woman is pregnant. But, the blurred vision is really a bothering thing occur when a woman pregnant. There are so many symptoms like double vision in pregnant women and some light spots in their vision. The changes will bother the pregnant women so much, which will cause their abnormal vision, especially for the ones with normal vision before pregnancy.

Vision Getting Worse during Pregnancy

It is actually normal when you get your vision worse during pregnancy. When you get your vision worse during pregnancy, you might get it not too bothering, which means your vision changes still in normal condition. The dangerous condition is when you get your vision changes immediately. It is also signed with the very painful headache. This condition can even lead to preeclampsia, which will be very dangerous towards both of you and your baby. When you get the symptoms, you are recommended to visit your doctor for further treatment.

Taking care of Vision during pregnancy

Actually when you get vision change when you are pregnant, you can simply do some things which will help relieve the stressed muscles and get away the vision changes. The only way for you to reduce the vision changes is by relaxing yourself. You can take a nap or having any other things which can make you more relax. In other method you can also check whether your vision changes reduced after you get relaxed or not. If you get worse vision change you can call your doctor for further treatment and medication.

If your vision during pregnancy is getting worse, in this case, you can choose to check the symptoms you get so that your vision can be normal. But, in some normal cases you can get your vision back in normal condition when you have given birth to your baby. Normal vision is usually occurring after the sixth week after you gave birth to your baby. But, if you still get painful headache and worse vision until the sixth week after birth, you know it is the right time to call and visit your doctor.


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