Choosing the Perfect Time of Announcing Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time that is waited by a lot of women who wish to be a mother. It is a blessing in life and this condition often makes a lot of people excited to announce the pregnancy soon. Yes, the pregnancy will be happy news for a lot of people but there are some things related to pregnancy and the announcement of it. Announcing pregnancy will bring happy news but there are several different times those will be used in announcing it. There are some people who feel it will be great to be announced later but there are also some people who love to announce it right away and every people has their own reason.

Early Announcement of Pregnancy

A lot of people just cannot wait for too long to announce the good news about pregnancy and they decided to announce it earlier. By announcing it soon, certainly the good news will be spread soon and a lot of people will be happy too. There will be no need to hide and pretend about the pregnancy. But some people avoid this way because they don’t want to spread the happy news that might be turning to the opposite side and becomes the sad news. But by doing early announcement will grant blessing and support from other people sooner.

Waiting for the First Trimester of Pregnancy

This is probably thought to be the best option to announce a pregnancy. The people who choose to do this way usually will wait for a certain time before finally be able to announce the pregnancy.  These people basically will wait for the end of the first trimester or in other words, they are waiting for all the risks of the first trimester to pass then and ensure that the pregnancy is developing towards the good direction.

Announcement in the Middle of Pregnancy

Some people choose to announce the pregnancy when the pregnancy comes to the second trimester. This will be usually done by the people who experience risks in the pregnancy such as the people in their late thirty or the people who have experienced miscarriage before. They simply want to make sure that the baby will be just fine and the pregnancy is firm. Some people also want to take a prenatal test. There is a chance for a termination if there are genetic defects happen.

Late Time of Announcement

There are people who will tell about pregnancy when they are already entering the last trimester. However this is not something common. And thus this choice is rather weird. The people who make this kind of decision usually have the special circumstances such as the pregnant woman who doesn’t want to get unsolicited advices or maybe also things those are related to career.

There are also some people who mix the announcement. For example the people who will tell the people who close to them about the pregnancy but then will wait for the certain time to tell anyone else. Announcing pregnancy in this way thought to be more convenient for a lot of people.

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